Nachtclub am 18. Mai 2018

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks; Solid Silk; Sparkle Hard; Domino
2. Pavement; Harness Your Hopes; Brighten the Corners – Nicene Creedence Ed. Matador
3. Ryley Walker; Spoil With the Rest; Deafman Glance; Dead Oceans
4. Ryley Walker; Can’t Ask Why; Deafman Glance; Dead Oceans
5. Peter Cat Recording Company; Clown on the 22nd Dancefloor; Portrait of a Time: 2010 – 2016; PCRC
6. Peter Cat Recording Company; Love Demons; Portrait of a Time: 2010 – 2016; PCRC
7. Lifafa; In Hi Ko; In Hi Koin EP (2014); Lifafa
8. Lifafa; Tofah; In Hi Koin EP (2014); Lifafa
9. Parekh & Singh; Panda; Ocean; Peacefrog
10. Pascal of Bollywood; Chali Chali Re Patang; Pascal of Bollywood; Naive
11. Pavement; the Unseen Power of the Picket Fence; Shady Lane – Single; Domino
12. TT ; Safe; Lovelaws; Loveleaks / Caroline
13. Jennylee; Boom Boom; Right On!; Rough Trade Records
14. Warpaint; Ashes to Ashes; A Tribute To David Bowie; Manimal Vinyl Records
15. Courtney Barnett; Hopefullness; Tell Me How You Really Feel; Marathon Artists (Rough Trade)
16. Courtney Barnett; City Looks Pretty; Tell Me How You Really Feel; Marathon Artists (Rough Trade)
17. the Drones; Taman Shud; Feelin Kinda Free; Tropical Fuck Storm Records
18. the Drones; Boredom – Zero Percent Remix; Boredom Remixes; Here to Hell
19. Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks; Refute – feat. Kim Gordon; Sparkle Hard; Domino
20. Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks; Real Emotional Trash; Real Emotional Trash; Domino
21. Wax Chattels; Concrete; Wax Chattels; Captured Tracks
22. Wax Chattels; Gillian; Wax Chattels; Captured Tracks
23. Smerz; Have Fun; Have Fun EP; XL
24. Smerz; Half Life; Have Fun EP; XL
25. Smerz; Bail On Me; Have Fun EP; XL

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