Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Beach House; Dark Spring; 7; Sub Pop
2. Beach House; Pay No Mind; 7; Sub Pop
3. Spacemen 3; Honey; Playing With Fire; Fire Records
4. Beach House; Black Car ; 7; Sub Pop
5. Domenico Lancellotti; Aracne; the Good Is a Big God; Luaka Bop
6. the High Llamas; Beachy Bunch; Retrospedtive, Rarities & Instrumentals; V2
7. the Beach Boys; I Know There’s An Answer; Pet Sounds; Capitol
8. Stereolab; Ping Pong; Mars Audiac Quintet; Elektra
9. Domenico Lancellotti; Insatiable ; the Good Is a Big God; Luaka Bop
10. Domenico Lancellotti; Logo; the Good Is a Big God; Luaka Bop
11. the Sea And Cake; Day Moon; Any Day; Thrill Jockey
12. Gastr Del Sol; the C in Cake; Crookt, Crackt, Or Fly; Drag City
13. the Sea And Cake; Into Rain; Any Day; Thrill Jockey
14. Simian Mobile Disco; Caught in a Wave; Murmurations; PIAS
15. Simian Mobile Disco; It’s the Beat; Attack Decay Sustain Release; Wichita
16. Simian Mobile Disco; Defender; Murmurations; PIAS
17. the Dreebs; My Killer ; My Killer – Single; Ramp Local
18. Tents; List; Stars On the GPS Sky; Numavi
19. Thirsty Eyes; Slothchild; Slothchild / Freight Child – Single; Kyselak Records
20. Thirsty Eyes; 838; Slothchild / Freight Child – Single; Kyselak Records
21. Odd Couple; Vielfraß; Yada Yada; Cargo
22. Kyuss; Demon Cleaner; Welcome to Sky Valley; Elektra
23. Odd Couple; Westend; Yada Yada; Cargo
24. Spliff; Deja Vue; 85555; Columbia
25. Nina Hagen Band; African Reggae; Unbehagen; CBS
26. Seun Kuti & Egypt 80; Bad Man Lighter; Black Times; Strut
27. Ebo Taylor & the Pelicans; If You Care; Ebo Taylor And the Pelicans; Mr Bongo
28. Kokoko!; Tongos’a; Tongos’a; ICI
29. Meat Beat Manifesto; We Are Surrounded; Impossible Star; Flexidisc
30. Meat Beat Manifesto; T.M.I. Impossible Star; Flexidisc

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