Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; Wild Pink; Great Apes; Wild Pink; Tiny Engines
2.; Wild Pink; Albert Ross; Wild Pink; Tiny Engines
3.; Pinback; Non Photo-Blue; Summer In Abaddon; Touch And Go
4.; Sir Was; Leave It Here; Digging A Tunnel; City Slang
5.; Sir Was; A Minor Life; Digging A Tunnel; City Slang
6.; Temples; How Would You Like To Go? ; Volcano; Heavenly Recordings
7.; Temples; the Golden Throne; Sun Structures; Heavenly
8.; Temples; Born into the Sunset; Volcano; Heavenly Recordings
9.; Methyl Ethel; L’Heure Des Sorcières; Everything Is Forgotten; 4AD
10.; Methyl Ethel; Schlager; Everything Is Forgotten; 4AD
11.; Lusine; Just A Cloud feat. Vilja Larjosto; Sensorimotor; Ghostly International
12.; Lusine; Two Dots ft. Vilja Larjosto; A Certain Distance; Ghostly International
13.; Lusine; Witness feat. Benjamin Piolard; Sensorimotor; Ghostly International
14.; Thundercat; Captain Stupido; Drunk; Brainfeeder
15.; Frank Zappa; Sy Borg; Joe’s Garage; EMI
16.; Thundercat; Bus in These Streets; Drunk; Brainfeeder
17.; Thundercat; Tokyo; Drunk; Brainfeeder
18.; Thundercat; Friend Zone; Drunk; Brainfeeder
19.; Porter Ray; East Seattle; Watercolor; SubPop
20.; L7; Fast And Frightening; Smell the Magic; SubPop
21.; Porter Ray; Arithmetic (feat. Infinite and Stas of Thee Satisfaction); Watercolor; SubPop
22.; TheeSatisfaction; QueenS; Awe Naturale; Subpop
23.; Pete Rock feat. the UN; Nothin’ Lesser; Underground Classics; Rapster
24.; Rejjie Snow; Crooked Cops (feat. Tish Hyman); Crooked Cops – Single; BMG
26.; Rejjie Snow; Loveleen; Rejovich EP ; Kaja Kaja Records
27.; Feather; Like No Other; Like No Other; Independent
28.; Chrome Sparks; Wake; Wake – Single; Counter Records

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