Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; Sleaford Mods; Messy Anywhere; English Tapas; Rough Trade Records
2.; the Stooges; Not Right; the Kings of Techno – History of Detroit; bbe
3.; Sleaford Mods; I Feel So Wrong; English Tapas; Rough Trade Records
4.; Ja König Ja; Temptation; Temptation; JKJ
5.; New Order; The Village; Power, Corruption & Lies; Rhino
6.; the Range; Naught; Superimpose (Music From the Documentary) – EP; Domino
7.; Pick a Piper; Geographically Opposed; Distance; Tin Angel Records
8.; Pick a Piper; Nikko; Distance; Tin Angel Records
9.; LLLL; Memories feat. Yeule; Memories – Single; Zoom Lens
10.; Pick a Piper; Still Awake; Distance; Tin Angel Records
11.; PVT; A Feeling You Can Find; New Spirit; Felte
12.; PVT; Circle of Friends; Church With No Magic; Warp
13.; Carsten Jost; Atlantis II; Perishable Tactics; Dial
14.; Kathryn Joseph; the Worm; the Bird / the Worm; Hits the Fan Records
15.; Fufanu; Tokyo; Sports; One Little Indian
16.; Fufanu; Sports; Sports; One Little Indian
17.; Joachim Witt; Denn Ich Bin So Einsam; Edelweiß; WEA
18.; Can; Spoon – Sonic Youth Remix; Sacrilege; Mute
19.; Froth; New Machine; Outside (Briefly); Wichita
20.; Froth; Passing Thing; Outside (Briefly); Wichita
21.; Candelilla; Trocken und Staubig; Camping; Trocadero
22.; Candelilla; Transformer; Camping; Trocadero
23.; Lou Reed; I’m So Free; Transformer; RCA
24.; Candelilla; Hand; Camping; Trocadero
26.; Stove ; Graduate & Congraduate; Is A Toad in the Rain; Exploing in Sound Records
27.; Jefre Cantu-Ledesma; Love’s Refrain; In Summer; Geographic North

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