NDR Info – Nachtclub am 15. September 2006

in der Nacht von Freitag auf Samstag, 0-2 Uhr:
Bonnie ‚Prince‘ Billy

the Letting Go

I See a Darkness
Mouse on Mars


Collectors Series Pt.2
Danse, Gravité Zéro
KAOS & Sao P.

A Million Microphones
Now It’s Overhead

Dark Light Daybreak

Klang Elektronik
Diamanten & Raketen
Artist / Track / Album / Label

1. Now It’s Overhead/Meaning to Say/Dark Light Daybreak/Saddle Creek
2. Now It’s Overhead/Dark Cycle/Saddle Creek 50 Comp./Saddle Creek
3. Ultra Brain/Bouncing Betty/Neo Punk/V2
4. Ultra Brain/Drive Me/Neo Punk/V2
5. Mates of State/Think Long/Bring it Back/Moshi Moshi
6. Supersystem/Eagles Fleeing Eyries/a Million Microphones/Touch’n’Go
7. TV on the Radio/I Was a Lover/Return to Cookie Mountain/4AD
8. Urge Overkill/What Is Artane/the Supersonic Storybook/Touch’n’Go
9. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy/Strange Form of Life/the Letting Go/Domino
10. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy/Lay And Love/the Letting Go/Domino
11. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy/Death to Everyone/I See a Darkness/Domino
12. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy/Then the Letting Go/the Letting Go/Domino
13. Tones on Tail/Means Of Escape/Collectors Series Pt. 2 – Kaos & Salvatore Principato/Faith Recordings
14. the Juan Mc Lean/Give Me Every Little Thing/Collectors Series Pt. 2 – Kaos & Salvatore Principato/Faith Recordings
15. Daniel Wang/Like Some Dream (I Can’t Stop Dreaming)/Collectors Series Pt. 2 – Kaos & Salvatore Principato/Faith Recordings
16. Avus/Tear/Diamanten und Raketen/Klang Elektronik
17. Sanagi/Rabbit Hole/Mish Mash/Traumton
18. Psapp/Apple Block/Hi – Single/Domino
19. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone/I Love Creedence/Etiquette/Tomlab
20. Pete Rock feat. the UN/Nothin’ Lesser/Underground Classics/Rapster
21. J Dilla/Love feat. Pharoahe Monch/the Shining/BBE
22. Skatebard/Ut I Naturen/Midnight Magic/Digitalo
23. Junior Boys/Count Souvenirs/So This is Goodbye/Domino
24. (a)pendics shuffle and Altiply/Lonely Payback (PSB mix)/Lonely Pay back EP/Oral / Adjunct
25. Mouse on Mars feat. Niobe/Send Me Shivers/Radical Connector/Sonig
26. Mouse on Mars/Fish Bord/Varcharz/Ipecac

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