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Artist / Track / Album / Label

1. Dillon/Unseen Sea/The Unseen Sea Single/Kitty Yo
2. Shape of Broad Minds/Changes/Craft of the Lost Art/Lex
3. Shape of Broad Minds/Electric Blue/Craft of the Lost Art/Lex
4. Shape of Broad Minds/It Ain’t Dead/Craft of the Lost Art/Lex
5. Mikrofisch/We Love You/Masters of the Universe/Kinokoma
6. Metallik/the Mirror/the Mirror – Demo/Demo
7. Chris Korda/I Like to Watch/the Man of the Future/Gigolo
8. Mark Lee Allen & the Driver Brothers/Oil Field Is Burning/Keb Darge & Cut Chemist Present: Lost and Found – Rockbilly & Jump Blues/BBE
9. The Recalls/Nobody’s Guy/Keb Darge & Cut Chemist Present: Lost and Found – Rockbilly & Jump Blues/BBE
10. Northern State/Ohhh Girl/Can I Keep This Pen/Ipicac
11. Swayzak/No Sad Goodbyes/Some Other Country/!K7
12. Electrelane/the Greater Times/No Shouts No Calls/Too Pure
13. Stereolab/Brakhage/Dots & Loops/Elektra
14. Broadcast/Michael a Grammar/Tender Buttons/Warp
15. Can/She Brings the Rain/Soundtracks/Spoon
16. Why/Good Friday (Boards of Canada Remix)/The Hollows/Tomlab
17. Boards of Canada/Chromakey Dreamcoat/the Campfire Headphase/Warp
18. the Besnard Lakes/Rides the Rails/the Besnard Lakes are the Dark Horse/JagJaguwar
19. Samamidon/Tribulation/But This Chicken Proved Falsehearted/Plug Research
20. Roommate/Until Then/New Steam EP/Plug Research
21. Noze/Kitchen – T. Schaeben Rmx/Kitchen Remixe/My Best Friend
22. Schaeben & Voss/Put Up Job/Mental Blank/Kompakt
23. Chelonis R.Jones/I Don’t Know – Lopaz Remix/5 Years Get Physical/Get Physical
24. M.A.N.D.Y. vs. Booka Shade/Oh Superman – feat. Laurie Anderson/5 Years Get Physical/Get Physical
25. The Massive Oliver North Boy Choir/Adrenaline/2007 Girl Collection/Crunchy Frog
26. Pluramon feat. Julie Cruise/Time (Catharsia Mx)/Dreams Top Rock/Karaoke Kalk

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