Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Wolf Alice; Heavenward; Visions of a Life; Dirty Hit
2. Wolf Alice; Don’t Delete the Kisses; Visions of a Life; Dirty Hit
3. Wolf Alice; Yuk Foo; Visions of a Life; Dirty Hit
4. Soccer Mommy; Death By C hocolate; Collection; Fat Possum
5. Soccer Mommy; Inside out; Collection; Fat Possum
6. LCD Soundsystem; Oh Baby; American Dream; DFA / Columbia
7. Nosaj Thing; How We Do – feat. Kazu Makino; Parallels; Innovative Leisure
8. Nosaj Thing; All Points Back To U – feat. Steve Spacek; Parallels; Innovative Leisure
9. Beat Spacek; Alone in Da Sun; Modern Streets; Ninja Tune
10. Harmonic 313; Falling Away feat. Steve Spacek; When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence; Warp
11. Ulrika Spacek; Ziggy; Modern English Decoration; Tough Love Records
12. Tora; Another Case; Take A Rest; Eighty Days Records
13. Slowdive; Sugar For the Pill; Slowdive; Dead Oceans
14. Courtney Barnett / Kurt Vile; Over Everything; Over Everything –Single; Marathon Artists
15. Jen Cloher & the Endless Sea; Fear Is Like A Forrest; Hidden Hands; Sandcastle Music
16. Courtney Barnett; History Eraser; the Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas; Mom + Pop
17. Kurt Vile; Runner Ups; Smoke Ring for my Halo; Matador
18. George Jones; Too Much Water; George Jones Sings; Mercury
19. Courtney Barnett / Kurt Vile; Continental Breakfast; Contiental Breakfast – Single; Marathon Artists
20. Torres; Three Futures; Three Futures; 4AD
21. Moses Sumney; Don’t Bother Calling; Aromanticism; JagJaguwar
22. Moses Sumney; Doomed; Aromanticism; JagJaguwar
23. Lord Raja; Zoro; Zoro – Single; Ghostly International
24. Lord Raja; 1 Night; Zoro – Single; Ghostly International
25. Fourtet; Daughter; New Energy; Hostess Entertainment Unlimited
26. Fourtet; Lush; New Energy; Hostess Entertainment Unlimited
27. Fourtet; Two Thousand And Seventeen; New Energy; Hostess Entertainment Unlimited

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