1. Cate Le Bon; Mother’s Mother’s Magazines; Reward; Mexican Summer
2. Cate Le Bon; Here It Comes Again; Reward; Mexican Summer
3. Gruff Rhys; Shark Ridden Waters – feat. Andy Votel; Hotel Shampoo; Ovni
4. LCD Soundsystem vs. John Cale; All My Friends; All My Friends Single; DFA / EMI
5. Cate Le Bon; Me Oh My; Me Oh My; Irony Bored
6. Davidge; Gallant Foxes ft. Cate Le Bon; Slo Light; 7Hz
7. Cate Le Bon; Daylight Matters; Reward; Mexican Summer
8. Grace Ives; Mirror; 2nd; Dots Per Inch Music
9. Grace Ives; Icing On the Cake; 2nd; Dots Per Inch Music
10. Solex; Solex All Licketysplit; Solex vs. the Hitmeister; Matador
11. Grace Ives; Lucky; 2nd; Dots Per Inch Music
12. Infinite Bisous; Charnwood; Period; Tasty Morsels
13. Mac DeMarco; Finally Alone; Here Comes the Cowboy; Mac’s Record Label
14. Mac DeMarco; Preoccupied; Here Comes the Cowboy; Mac’s Record Label
15. Infinite Bisous; Sole Mate; Period; Tasty Morsels
16. Toro Y Moi; Baby Drive It Down; Outer Peace; Car Park / Indigo
17. Hayden Thorpe; Stop Motion; Diviner; Domino
18. Hayden Thorpe; Anywhen; Diviner; Domino
19. Wild Beasts; the Fun Powder Plot; Two Dancers; Domino
20. Holly Herndon; Alienation; Proto; 4AD
21. Holly Herndon; Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt; Proto; 4AD
22. Dean Blunt & Poison Anna; Beefa; Soul On Fire; Blunt
23. Joanne Robertson & Dean Blunt; Fuckboy Anthem; Wahalla; Textile Records
24. Dean Blunt; Blow; Black Metal; Rough Trade
25. Dean Blunt; Papi; the Redeemer; Hippos in Tanks
26. Doug Hream Blunt; Gentle Persuasion ft. Elizabeth Lane; My Name Is Doug Hream Blunt; Luaka Bob
27. Babyfather; Greezebloc; BBF Hosted By DJ Escrow; Hyperdub
28. Com Truise; Ultrafiche Of You; Persuasion System; Ghostly International
29. Com Truise; Memory; Iteration; Ghostly International

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