Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Jay Som; the Bus Song; Everybody Works; Polyvinyl
2. Jay Som; Everybody Works; Everybody Works; Polyvinyl
3. Snail Mail ; Thinning; Habit EP; Sister Polygon Records
4. Snail Mail ; Habit; Habit EP; Sister Polygon Records
5. Marie Möör; Pretty Day; Pretty Day – Single; AAAA
6. Powell; Jonny (feat. Jonny); Sport; XL Recordings
7. Les Rita Mitsouko; C’est Comme Ca; The No Comprendo; Virgin
8. Kiki Hitomi; Yellow Story; Karma No Kusari; Jahtari
9. King Midas Sound; Spin Me Around (Cooly G Revoice); Without You; Hyperdub
10. Sylvan Esso; Kick Jump Twist – Machinedrum Remix; Kick Jump Twist – Single; Loma Vista
11. Sylvan Esso; Die Young; Die Young – Single; Loma Vista
12. Octo Octa; Move On (Let Go) (De Stress Mix) (Edit); Where Are We Going?; HNYTRYX
13. Octo Octa; Bad Blood; Between Two Selves; 100% Silk
14. Octo Octa; Adrift; Where Are We Going?; HNYTRYX
15. Jay Som; Remain; Everybody Works; Polyvinyl
16. Jay Som; Turn Into; Turn Into; Polyvinyl
17. Big Thief; Mythological Beauty; Mythological Beauty – Single; Saddle Creek
18. Candelilla; Wüste; Camping; Trocadero
19. Gangly; Whole Again; Whole Again – Single; AMF Records
20. Bernice; Don’t Want To Be European; Don’t Want To Be European -Single; Arts & Crafts
21. Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble; Deep Background; Find Me Finding You; Drag City
22. Stereolab; Brittle; Switched On; Too Pure
22. Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble; Reflectors; Find Me Finding You; Drag City
23. Kendrick Lamar; Yah. Damn; Aftermath
24. Kendrick Lamar; XXX feat. Bono; Damn; Aftermath
26. Kendrick Lamar; Feel; Damn; Aftermath
27. Kendrick Lamar; Fear; Damn; Aftermath

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