Nachtclub am 20. März 2020

1. Sofia Portanet; Planet Mars; Planet Mars – Single; Duchess Box Records
2. Sofia Portanet; Wanderratte; Wanderratte – Single; Duchess Box Records
3. Xmal Deutschland; Incubus Succubus 2; Icubus Succubus – Single; 4AD
4. Lebanon Hanover; Gallowdance; Tomb For Two; Mecanica
5. Sofia Portanet; Das Kind; Das Kind – Single; Duchess Box Records
6. Cannibale; Accelaration; Accelaration – Single; Born Bad Records
7. Cannibale; Frogs; Not Easy To Cook; Born Bad Records
8. Vox Low; Now We’re Ready To Spend; Vox Low; Born Bad Records
9. Joviale; Taste Of the Heavens ; Taste of the Heavens – Single; Blue Flowers Music
10. Joviale; Dreamboat; Dreamboat – Single; Blue Flowers Music
11. Broadcast; Unchanging Window; The Noise Made By People; Warp
12. Broadcast; City In Progress; The Noise Made By People; Warp
13. Bart Davenport; Come On Let’s Go; Searching For Bart Davenport; Tapete
14. Princess Nokia; Gemini; Everything Is Beautiful; Princess Nokia Inc.
15. Wild Nothing; Summer Holiday; Gemini; Captured Tracks
16. Safety Scissors; Gemini; In A Manner of Sleeping; Bpitch Control
17. Princess Nokia; I Like Him; Everything Sucks; Princess Nokia Inc.
18. Princess Nokia; Wash & Sets; Everything Is Beautiful; Princess Nokia Inc.
19. Princess Nokia; Receipts; 1992 Deluxe; Rough Trade
20. Zebra Katz; In In In; Less Is Moor; Kobalt
21. Moor Mother; In A Grave – feat. Denzel Curry, Eartheater; Corpus I; Loma Vista
22. Zebra Katz; Necklace; Less Is Moor; Kobalt
23. Zebra Katz; Ish; Less Is Moor; Kobalt
24. Boldy James; Surf & Turf (feat. Vince Staples); The Price of Tea in China; ALC / Boldy James
25. Vince Staples; Fun! – Silo + Martin Wave Remix ; Fun! – Single; Def Jam
26. Saint Jude; Deaf Ears, Blind Eyes; Saint Jude EP; Slow Dance Recordings
27. Saint Jude; Boys Choir; Saint Jude EP; Slow Dance Recordings
28. King Krule; Alone, Omen 3; Man Alive!; XL Recordings / Young Turks
29. Eris Drew; Transcendental Access Point; Fluids Of Emotion; Interdimensional Transmissions
30. Eris Drew; Fluids Of Emotion; Fluids Of Emotion; Interdimensional Transmissions

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