Nachtclub am 20. April 2018

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Ought; These 3 Things; Room Inside the World; Merge
2. Scott Walker; Track 3; Climate Of Hunter; Virgin
3. Ought; Disaffectation; Room Inside the World; Merge
4. Ought; Desire; Room Inside the World; Merge
5. Medicine; 5ive; Shot Forth Self Living; Creation
6. E Ruscha V & Woo; Endless Sunday; Who Are You; Beats In Space
7. E Ruscha V & Woo; Woo Are You; Woo Are You – Single ; Beats In Space
8. Woo; Downtown Suburbia; It’s Cosy Inside; Drag City
9. Woo; Hopi; Into the Heart of Love; Emotional Rescue
10. the Rolling Stones; Heaven; Tattoo You; Rolling Stones Records
11. Jitwam; SomethingToChewOn; Jitwam; Cosmic Compositions
12. Jitwam; I Ain’t Scared Of No Devil – feat. DJ Godrey Ho; Jitwam; Cosmic Compositions
13. Gonjasufi; Duet; A Sufi and a Killer; Warp
14. Jitwam; WhereYouGonnaGo; WhereYouGonnaGo Single (12“); the Jazz Diaries
15. Mien; Earth Moon; Mien; Rocket Recordings
16. the Black Angels; I Dreamt; Death Song; Partisan
17. Amen Dunes; L.A. Freedom; Sacred Bones
18. Unknown Mortal Orchestra; How Many Zeros; Sex & Food; JagJaguwar
19. Makeness; Fire Behind the Two Louis; Loud Patterns; Secretly Canadian
20. Makeness; Day Old Death; Loud Patterns; Secretly Canadian
21. Caribou; Bees; the Milk Of Human Kindness; Leaf
22. Drinks; Real Outside; Hippo Lite; Drag City
23. White Fence; Sandra (When the Earth Dies); For the Recently Found Innocent; Drag City
24. Brazilian Girls; Pirates; Pirates -Single; Six Degrees Records
25. Die Nerven; Neue Wellen; Fake; Glitterhouse
26. Die Nerven; Roter Sand; Fake; Glitterhouse
27. Bicep; Opal – Four Tet Remix; Opal (Four Tet Remix) -Single; Ninja Tune

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