1. Fontaines D.C. Too Real; Dogrel; Partisan Records
2. Clinic; Ferryboat of the Mind; Wheeltappers and Shunters; Domino
3. Levin Goes Lightly; Nichts Ändern; Nackt; Tapete
4. Levin Goes Lightly; Zu Nah; Nackt; Tapete
5. Grace Ives; Mirror; 2nd; Dots Per Inch Music
6. Grace Ives; Icing On the Cake; 2nd; Dots Per Inch Music
7. Bibio; Old Graffiti; Ribbons; Warp
8. J-E-T-S; Fire Fly; Zoospa; Innovative Leisure
9. Vanishing Twin; Magician’s Success; the Age Of Immunology; Fire Records
10. the High Llamas; Berry Adams; Talahomi Way; Drag City
11. Crumb; Fall Down; Jinx; Crumb Records
12. Chastity Belt; Ann’s Jam; Ann’s Jam – Single; Hardly Art
13. Julia Shapiro; Shape; Perfect Version; Hardly Art
14. Thom Yorke; Dawn Chorus; Anima; XL
15. Parekh + Singh; Hello; Science City; Peacefrog
16. Flying Lotus; 9 Carots – feat. Toro Y Moi; Flamagra; Warp
17. Toro Y Moi; Ordinary Pleasure; Outer Peace; Car Park / Indigo
18. Chemical Brothers; The Universe Sent Me; No Geography; Virgin
19. Hayden Thorpe; Earthly Needs; Diviner; Domino
20. Ela Orleans; The Season; Movies For Ears: An Introduction to Ela Orleans; Night School
21. Duster; the Landing; Capsule Losing Contact; Numero Group
22. Bill Callahan; 747; Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest; Drag City
23. Jess Ribeiro; Lay Down With the Earth; Love Hate; Cooking Vinyl
24. Polo G; Dyin Breed; Die A Legend; Columbia
25. Madlib & Freddie Gibbs; Crime Pays; Bandana; Keep Cool Records
26. Meetsysteem; Daar; Green Signaal; Nous’klaer Audio
27. Meetsysteem; In Heaven; Green Signaal; Nous’klaer Audio
28. Leif; Borage; Loom Dream; Whities

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