1. Fontaines D.C. Sha Sha Sha; Dogrel; Partisan Records
2. Fontaines D.C. Television Screens; Dogrel; Partisan Records
3. Shame; Concrete; Songs Of Praise; Dead Oceans
4. Fontaines D.C. the Lotts; Dogrel; Partisan Records
5. Porridge Radio; Give / Take; Give / Take – Single; Memorials Of Distinction
6. International Music; Farbiges Licht; Die Besten Jahre; Staatsakt
7. the Proper Ornaments; Apologies; Six Lenins; Tapete
8. the Proper Ornaments; Crepuscular Child; Six Lenins; Tapete
9. American Analog Set; the Postman; Know By Heart; Tigerstyle
10. Weyes Blood; Wild Time; Titanic Rising; SubPop
11. Drugdealer; Suddenly feat. Weyes Blood; the End of Comedy; Domino
12. Hayden Thorpe; Love Crimes; Love Crimes – Single; Domino
13. Wild Beasts; A Simple Beautiful Truth (DJRum Extended); A Simple Beautiful Truth Rmxs; Domino
14. Tycho; Easy; Easy _ Single; Ninja Tune
15. Tycho; Hours; Dive; Ghostly International
16. Tycho; PBS; Past Is Prologue; Ghostly International
17. Bibio; The Art of Living; Ribbons; Warp
18. Bibio; the Apple and the Tooth; the Apple and the Tooth; Warp
19. Bibio; Curls; Ribbons; Warp
20. Mark Pritchard; Give it Your Choir feat. Bibio; Under the Sun; Warp
21. Bibio; Old Graffiti; Ribbons; Warp
22. Bibio; Anything New; Mind Bokeh; Warp
23. Begin; Wood Trees; Begin EP; Love International Recordings
24. Chemical Brothers; Free Yourself; No Geography; Virgin
25. Chemical Brothers; The Universe Sent Me; No Geography; Virgin
26. Chemical Brothers feat. Bernard Sumner; Out Of Control; Surrender; Virgin

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