Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Weaves; #53; Wide Open; Kanine Records
2. Weaves; Gasoline; Wide Open; Kanine Records
3. Etta James; I’d Rather Go Blind; Tell Mama; MCA
4. Heavy Heart; Fruitfly; Keepsake; I Can & I Will
5. CCFX; the One to Wait; CCFX EP; DFA
6. CC Dust; New Ways; Shinkansen No. 1 / New Ways – Single; Night School
7. Kllo; Downfall; Backwater; Ghostly International
8. Kllo; Virtue; Backwater; Ghostly International
9. Soft People; 16 Years of Somewhere Else; American Men; Soft People
10. Soft People; Alchemy of Male Feelings; American Men; Soft People
11. Wild Beasts; Punk Drunk & Trembling; Punk Drunk & Trembling EP; Domino
12. Wild Beasts; the Devil’s Crayon; Limbo, Panto; Domino
13. Wild Beasts; A Simple Beautiful Truth (DJRum Extended); A Simple Beautiful Truth Rmxs; Domino
14. Loma; Black Willow; Black Willow – Single; Sub Pop
15. Tiwa Savage; Sugarcane; Sugarcane EP; Marvin Records
16. Fela Kuti; Expensive Shit; the Best of the Black President 2; Knitting Factory
17. Mbongwana Star; Masobélé; From Kinshasa; World Circuit
18. James Holden & the Animal Spirit; Each Moment Like the First; the Animal Spirit; Border Community
19. the Bug; Bad – feat. Flowdan; Bad – Single; Ninja Tune
20. King Midas Sound; Cool Out; Waiting For You; Hyperdub
21. Tricky; the Only Way; Ununiform; Studio !K7
22. Martyn; Meaning Of Life; GL Outtakes; 3024
23. Yung Lean; Silver Arrows; Stranger; Year0001
24. Yung Lean; Red Bottom Sky; Stranger; Year0001
25. Yung Lean; Muddy Sea; Stranger; Year0001
26. DJ Seinfeld ; I Saw Her Kiss Him In Front of Me and I was Like wtf ?; Time Spent Away From U; Lobster Theremin

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