Nachtclub am 17. März 2018

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Mitski; Your Best American Girl; Puberty 2; Dead Oceans
2. Talking Heads; Born Under Punches (the Heat Goes On); Remain In Light; Sire
3. The Sea And Cake; Any Day; Any Day – Single; Thrill Jockey
4. Erregung Öffentlicher Erregung; Flamingo Und Drogen; Sonnenungtergang über den Ruinen von Klatsch; Euphorie
5. Jaguwar; Night Out; Ringthing; Tapete
6. Pip Blom; I Think I’m In Love; I Think I’m In Love – Single; Toaster Records
7. R. Missing; Unsummering; Unsummering EP; Talitres
8. R. Missing; Mouser; Unsummering EP; Talitres
9. Day Wave / Hazel English; PDA; PDA – Single; Harvest
10. Pinkshinyultrablast; Find Your Saint; Find Your Saint –Single; ClubAC30
11. No Age; Drippy; Snares Like a Haircut; Drag City
12. No Age; Stuck In the Charger; Snares Like a Haircut; Drag City
13. Wild Pink; Great Apes; Wild Pink; Tiny Engines
14. Wild Pink; Albert Ross; Wild Pink; Tiny Engines
15. Sneaks; Hair Slick Back; It’s A Myth; Merge
16. Sneaks; Act Out; It’s A Myth; Merge
17. Sneaks; Future; It’s A Myth; Merge
18. ESG; My Love For You; Come Away With ESG; Soul Jazz
19. Delta 5; Mind Your Own Business; GIRLZ Women Ahead Of Their Time; Cripple Dick Hot Wax
20. Shopping; Wild Child; Wild Child – Single; Fat Cat
21. Suuns; X-Alt; Felt; Secretly Canadian
22. Liars; Cred Woes; TFCF; Mute
23. Essaie Pas; Futur Parlé; Futur Parlé; DFA
24. Nite Jewel; Had To Let Me Go; Had To Let Me Go – Single; Gloriette Records
25. Torres; Three Futures; Three Futures; 4AD
26. Lauren Auder; the Baptist; the Baptist; True Panther Sounds
27. Lina Tullgren; Asktell; Won; Captured Tracks
28. Lina Tullgren; Get Lost; Won; Captured Tracks
29. The Breeders; Walking With a Killer; All Nerve; 4AD
30. the Breeders; Divine Hammer; Last Splash; 4AD
31. Burial; Rodent; Rodent – Single; Hyperdub

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