1. Las Kellies; Closer; Suck This Tangerine; Fire
2. Las Kellies; Erase You; Kellies; Fire
3. the Slits; Shoplifting; Cut; Virgin
4. Linton Kwesi Johnson; Five Nights Of Bleeding (For Leroy Harris); Dread Beat An‘ Blood; Heartbeat Records
5. Las Kellies; Funny Money; Suck This Tangerine; Fire
6. Tropical Fuck Storm; Braindrops; Braindrops; Joyful Noise Recordings
7. Sorry; Rosie; 925; Domino
8. Sorry; Rock’n’Roll Star; 925; Domino
9. Melkbelly; Little Bug; Pith; Wax Nine Records
10. Melkbelly; LCR; Pith; Wax Nine Records
11. the Breeders; When I Was A Painter; Pod; 4AD
12. Konradsen; The Year Is Over; The Year Is Over – Single; Cascine
13. Konradsen; Never Say A; Saints And Sebastian Stories; Su Tissue Records
14. Little Deragon; Twice; Little Dragon; Peacefrog
15. the Cure; Play For Today; 17 Seconds; Fiction Records
16. Frankie Rose; A Forest; 17 Seconds; Turntable Kitchen
17. Bum; Like a Bum; I / III; Bum
18. Bum; Mit Abgebrochenen; I / III; Bum
19. Theodor Shitstorm; Tanz die Soziale Distanz; Tanz Die Soziale Distanz – Single; Staatsakt
20. Die Arbeit; Gott Generator; Material; Undressed
21. Leo Hört Rauschen; Salz; Modern Modern; Chateau Lala
22. Die Arbeit; Haut, Knochen + Gesichter; Material; Undressed
23. Peel Dream Magazine; Anorak; Modern Meta Physic; Slumberland
24. Peel Dream Magazine; Up And Up; Agitprop Alterna; Tough Love
25. Peel Dream Magazine; Art Today; Modern Meta Physic; Slumberland
26. Octo Octa; Deep Connections; Resonant Body; T4T LUV NRG
27. Octo Octa; I Need You; For Lovers – EP; Technicolour

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