1; Brown Sugar; Black Pride; I’m In Love With A Dreadlocks – 1977-70; Soul Jazz
2; Brown Sugar; Hello Stranger; I’m In Love With A Dreadlocks – 1977-70; Soul Jazz
3; the Rolling Stones; Sway ; Sticky Fingers; CBS
4; Cash Savage and the Last Drinks; Pack Animals; Good Citizens; Cash Savage
5; Cash Savage and the Last Drinks; Found You; Good Citizens; Cash Savage
6; Papercuts; How To Quit Smoking; Parallel Universe Blues; Slumberland
7; Homeshake; Anything At All; Helium; Sinderlyn
8; Homeshake; She Can’t leave Me Here Alone Tonight; In the Shower; Sinderlyn
9; Mac DeMarco; Treat Her Better; Salad Days; Captured Tracks
10; Farao; the Ghost Ship; Pure-O; Western Vinyl
11; Zigmars Liepins; Shuttle; Pulse 2; Melodia
12; Farao; Maze; Till It’s All Forgotten; Arts & Crafts
13; Chandra; Kate; Transportation (1980); Telephone Explosion
14; Chandra; Tish Le Dire; Transportation (1980); Telephone Explosion
15; Le Tigre; Hot Topic; Le Tigre; Strummer
16; Jessica Pratt; Poly Blue; Quiet Signs; City Slang
17; Irene & Ellen Kossoy; Bowling Green; Bowling Green And Other Folk Songs; Tradition Records
18; Jessica Pratt; As the World Turns; Quiet Signs; City Slang
19; Crosby, Stills & Nash; Guinevere; Crosby, Stills & Nash; Atlantic
20; Jessica Pratt; This Time Around; Quiet Signs; City Slang
21; Tiny Ruins; How Much; Olympic Girls; Ba Da Bing!
22; Diplo; New Shapes feat. Octavian; New Shapes – Single; Because Music
23; Octavian; Don’t Cry; Spaceman; Black Butter Limited
24; Finn Foxell, Lord Apex, Flowzart; Bounce; Stuck In Motion EP; Elevation / Meditation
25; Finn Foxell, Lord Apex, Flowzart; Money Calling; Stuck In Motion EP; Elevation / Meditation
26; Idris Muhammad; Piece
of Mind; Power Of Soul; CTI Records
27; Lorde Fredd33; Kane; Norf: the Legend of Hotboy Ronald; New Age Narcissism
28; Visit Venus; First Man on the Moog; Music For Space Tourism Vol. 1; Yo Mama
29; Navy Blue; Shine On Me – feat. Mike; Gangway For Navy; Navy Blue
30; Tuamie + Fly Anakin; Murray’s feat. Skyzoo; Emergency Raps Vol. 4; Mutant Academy
31; HVOB; Bloom; Bloom; PIAS
32; Wolfgang Paris; Big Miami; Big Miami – Single; Papercup Records

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