1. Black Marble; One Eye Open; One Eye Open – Single; Sacred Bones
2. Depeche Mode; Get the Balance Right!; Get the Balance Right – Single; Mute
3. Black Marble; A Great Design; A Different Arrangement; Hardly Art
4. Black Marble; Feels; Feels – Single; Sacred Bones
5. Miel De Montagne; Pourquoi Pas; Miel De Montagne; Pain Surprises Records
6. Miel De Montagne; Petit Garcon; Petit Garcon – Single; Pain Surprises Records
7. Jackie Moontan; Llama Fur; Llama Fur – Single; JM
8. Ilgen Nur; Soft Chair; Power Nap; Power Nap Records
9. Ilgen Nur; TV; Power Nap; Power Nap Records
10. Trümmer; In All Diesen Nächten; Trümmer; PIAS
11. Ilgen Nur; You’re A Mess; Power Nap; Power Nap Records
12. Die Nerven; Roter Sand; Fake; Glitterhouse
13. Shadowax; Nicolai Reptile; Nikolai Reptile; Trip
14. Nina Kravitz; Dream Machine; Stranno Stranno Neobjatno; Trip
15. Ghost Orchard; Bunny; Bunny; Orchid Tapes
16. Ghost Orchard; Swan; Bunny; Orchid Tapes
17. Ghost Orchard; Carousel; Bunny; Orchid Tapes
18. Home Alone; Catching Hours; Various: Boring Ecstasy – the Bedroom Pop of Orchid Tapes; Orchid Tapes
19. Ghost Orchard; Station; Bunny; Orchid Tapes
20. Bring It Up; Bring It Up; Incidental Music; Melodic
21. W.H.Lung; Inspiration!; Inspiration! / Nothing Is – Single; Melodic
22. Dry Cleaning; Goodnight; Sweet Princess EP; It’s Ok
23. Dry Cleaning; Magic of Megan; Sweet Princess EP; It’s Ok
24. Dry Cleaning; New Job; Sweet Princess EP; It’s Ok
25. Fred und Luna; Nichtmusikalische Stadt Unter Schritten; Im Tiefenrausch; Compost
26. Harmonia; Luneburg Heath; Tracks & Traces; Sony
27. Ruth Garbus; Strash; Kleinmeister; Orindal Records
28. Ruth Garbus; Pitiful Poetry; Kleinmeister; Orindal Records

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