1. Clinic; Rubber Bullets; Wheeltappers and Shunters; Domino
2. Clinic; Laughing Cavalier; Wheeltappers and Shunters; Domino
3. Clinic; the Return of Evil Bill; Internal Wrangler; Domino
4. Augustus Pablo; Java; Earth Rightful Ruler: Emperor Haile Selassie I; Message
5. Gorillaz; Clint Eastwood; Gorillaz; Virgin
6. Fatoni; Clint Eastwood; Clint Eastwood – Single; Universal
7. Star Slinger; Choose Yourself; Choose Yourself – Single; Star Slinger
8. Riton + Kah Lo; Betta Riddim; Foreign Ororo; Riton Time
9. Riton + Kah Lo; Rinse & Repeat; Foreign Ororo; Riton Time
10. Mickey Moonlight; Interplanetary Music Riton Rmx; Interplanetary Music; Ed Banger
11. Sun Ra And His Arkestra; Interplanetary Music; the Space Age Is Here To Stay; Modern Harmonic
12. Ty Segall; Low Rider; Fudge Sandwich; In the Red Records
13. War; Low Rider; Why Can’t We Be Friends; United Artists Records
14. Cheeseslider; Sweat Major; Mopedland; Yo Mama
15. Erregung Öffentlicher Erregung; Was Das Was Das; TNG; Euphorie
16. Leah Senior; Graves; Graves – Single; Flightless Records
17. Tim Buckley; Buzzin’ Fly; Happy Sad; Elektra
18. She Keeps Bees; Coyote; Kinship; BB*Island
19. She Keeps Bees; Dominance; Kinship; BB*Island
20. Death And Vanilla; A Flaw in the Iris; Are You A Dreamer; Fire Records
21. Death And Vanilla; Eye Bath; Are You A Dreamer; Fire Records
22. Stereolab; Three-Dee Melody; Mars Audiac Quintet (Expanded Version); Duophonic / UHF
23. Stereolab; Ping Pong-Demo; Mars Audiac Quintet (Expanded Version); Duophonic / UHF
24. Stereolab; Pack Yr Romantic Mind; Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements (Expanded Version); Duophonic / UHF
25. Von Spar; Extend the Song – feat. Laetitia Sadier; Under Pressure; Bureau B
26. Von Spar; A Dream (Pt. 1) – feat. Eiko Ishibashi; Under Pressure; Bureau B
27. Von Spar; A Dream (Pt. 2) – feat. Christopher Cummings; Under Pressure; Bureau B
28. Von Spar; Ist das noch Populär?; die Uneingeschränkte Freiheit der privaten Initiative; L’Age D’Or

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