Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; Can; I’m So Green; Singles; Spoon
2.; Can; Mother Sky; Soundtracks; Spoon
3.; Holger Czukay; the Photo Song; Der Osten ist Rot / Rome Remains Rome; Grönland
4.; Can; Soul Desert; Singles; Spoon
5.; Can; She Brings the Rain; Singles; Spoon
6.; Can; I Want More; Flow Motion; EMI
7.; Holger Czukay; Cool In the Pool; Movies; Spoon
8.; Holger Czukay; Blessed Easter; Der Osten ist Rot / Rome Remains Rome; Grönland
9.; David Sylvian; Nostalgia; Brilliant Trees; Virgin
10.; Can; Cascade Waltz; Singles; Spoon
11.; LCD Soundsystem; Other Voices; American Dream; DFA / Columbia
12.; LCD Soundsystem; Change Yr Mind; American Dream; DFA / Columbia
13.; LCD Soundsystem; Emotional Haircut; American Dream; DFA / Columbia
14.; LCD Soundsystem; Daft Punk is Playing at My House; LCD Soundsystem; EMI
15.; LCD Soundsystem; American Dream; American Dream; DFA / Columbia
16.; Everything Is Recorded; Mountains of Gold; Mountains of Gold – Single; XL Recordings
17.; Grace Jones; Nightclubbing; Nightclubbing; Island
18.; Joe Cocker; Talking Back to the Night; Sheffield Steel; Island
19.; Mount Kimbie; You Look Certain (I’m Not So Sure) – ft. Andrea Balency; Love What Survives; Warp
20.; Mount Kimbie; Blue Train Lines – ft. King Krule; Love What Survives; Warp
21.; King Krule; Czech One; Czeck One – Single; XL Recordings
22.; Mount Kimbie; We Go Home Together – ft. James Blake; Love What Survives; Warp
23.; Mount Kimbie; T.A.M.E.D.; Love What Survives; Warp

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