1. Islet; Clouds; Eyelet; Fire
2. Ultraista; Tin King; Tin King – Single; Partisan Records
3. Ultraista; Small Talk – Four Tet Remix; Ultraista; Partisan Records
4. Polica; Very Cruel; Shulamith; Memphis Industries
5. Erregung Öffentlicher Erregung; Vermessen; Vermessen – Single; Euphorie
6. Erregung Öffentlicher Erregung; Was Das Was Das; TNG; Euphorie
7. Bärchen & die Milchbubis; Tiefseefisch; Und Dann Macht es Bumm; No Fun Records
8. Gang Of Four; Damaged Goods; Entertainment!; Rhino
9. Gang Of Four; Return the Gift; Entertainment!; Rhino
10. Gang Of Four; I Love A Man In Uniform – Yeah Yeah Yeahs Remix; Return the Gift; V2
11. Islet; Caterpillar; Eyelet; Fire
12. Islet; Good Grief; Eyelet; Fire
13. Young Marble Giants; Searching For Mister Right; Colossal Youth; Domino
14. Hamerkop; Egg; Remote; Drag City
15. Hamerkop; Deadwood; Remote; Drag City
16. Bachelorette; Her Rotating Head; My Electric Family; Drag City
17. Islet; Geese (Edit); Eyelet; Fire
18. Islet; Carlos; Released By the Movement; Shape Records
19. Young Marble Giants; N.I.T.A. Colossal Youth; Domino
20. the XX; VCR; XX; Young Turks / XL
21. Young Marble Giants; Credit in the Straight World; Colossal Youth; Domino
22. Kolossale Jugend; Zurück in den USA; Heile Heile Boches; L’Age D’or
23. Young Marble Giants; Brand – New – Life; Colossal Youth; Domino
24. Belle and Sebastian; Final Day; Various: Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before…; Rough Trade
25. Campbell; Ant Life; There Is No Other;
26. Campbell; Rainbow; There Is No Other; Cooking Vinyl
27. Black Marble; Iron Lung; It’s Immaterial; Ghostly International

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