Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; Dawg Yawp; I’ll Quit Tomorrow; Dawg Yawp; Old Flame Records
2.; Dawg Yawp; I Wanna Be A Dawg; Dawg Yawp; Old Flame Records
3.; the Stooges; I Wanna Be Your Dog; the Stooges; Elektra
4.; Boss Hog; Billy; Brood X; Bronze Rat Records
5.; Jon Spencer Blues Explosion; Talk About the Blues; Acme; Mute
6.; Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever; Sick Bug; the French Press EP; SubPop
7.; Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever; French Press; the French Press EP; SubPop
8.; the Clean; Stars; Getaway; Matador
9.; Real Estate; Holding Pattern; In Mind; Domino
10.; Real Estate; Time; In Mind; Domino
11.; Lord Echo; Whoa! There’s No Limit; Harmonies; Soundway
12.; Lord Echo; In Your Life; Harmonies; Soundway
13.; Sophia Kennedy; Build Me A House; Build Me A House – Single; Pampa Records
14.; Babyman; the Bees; Babyman 2; A-sexy
15.; Geotic; Nav; Abysma; Ghostly International
16.; Baths; Lovely Bloodflow; Cerulean; Anticon
17.; Geotic; Actually Smiling; Abysma; Ghostly International
18.; Ezechiel Pailhes; Eternel Ä-Tä; Tout Va Bien; Circus Company
19.; Ezechiel Pailhes; Promesse; Tout Va Bien; Circus Company
20.; Nicolas Jaar; Too Many Kids Finding Rain in the Dust; Space is Only Noise; Circus Company
21.; Sneaks; Devo; It’s A Myth; Merge
22.; Devo; Girl U Want; Freedom Of Choice; Warner
23.; Sneaks; Future; It’s A Myth; Merge
24.; Sneaks; PBNJ; It’s A Myth; Merge
26.; Forrest Swords; Arms Out; Arms Out – Single; Ninja Tune
27.; Dead Can Dance; Advent; Spleen And Ideal; 4AD

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