Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Bully; Feel the Same; Losing; Sub Pop
2. Bully; Kills To Be Resistant; Losing; Sub Pop
3. the Breeders; Happiness is a Warm Gun; Pod; 4AD
4. Lina Tullgren; Summer Sleeper; Won; Captured Tracks
5. Lina Tullgren; Perfect; Won; Captured Tracks
6. The Weather Station; Thirty; the Weather Station; Paradise of Bachelors
7. Joni Mitchell; Help Me; Court And Spark; Asylum
8. The Weather Station; Free; the Weather Station; Paradise of Bachelors
9. Will Stratton; Gray Lodge Wisdom (feat. the Weather Station); Gray Lodge Wisdom; Talitres
10. Jessica Lea Mayfield; Wish You Could See Me Now; Sorry Is Gone; ATO / Pias
11. Jessica Lea Mayfield; Bum Me Out; Sorry Is Gone; ATO / Pias
12. Fatima Al Qadiri; Galby feat. Naigow; Shaneera EP; Hyperdub
13. Future Brown; Vernáculo; Future Brown; Warp
14. Fatima Al Qadiri; Is2aleeha feat. Bobo Secret & Chaltham; Shaneera EP; Hyperdub
15. Jackie Shane; Any Other Way; Any Other Way; the Numero Group
16. Jackie Shane; Comin’ Down; Any Other Way; the Numero Group
17. Golden Teacher; Sauchiehall Withdrawal; No Luscious Life; Golden Teacher
18. Golden Teacher & Dennis Bovell; Instigator feat. Dennis Bovell; Golden Teacher Meets Dennis Bovell; Optimo Music
19. Golden Teacher; The Kazimier; No Luscious Life; Golden Teacher
20. Rhi; Night Driving; Reverie; Tru Thoughts
21. RIN; Monica Belluci; Eros; Division
22. RIN; Bass; Eros; Division
23. RIN; Vagabundo; Eros; Division
24. Baxter Dury; August; Prince Of Tears; Heavenly
25. Baxter Dury; Porcelain; Prince Of Tears; Heavenly
26. Sleaford Mods; I Feel So Wrong; English Tapas; Rough Trade Records
27. Jean Paul „El Troglodita“; Any Time; Vudú; Vinilisssimo
28. Jean Paul „El Troglodita“; Everything Is Gonna Change; Vudú; Vinilisssimo
29. Anchorsong; Gyotens Kalimba – Wa Wu We Simplification; Gyotens Kalimba – Single; Tru Thougths
30. Sebastian Mullaert; Broken Mirror (Wa Wu We Reflection); Broken Mirror EP; Mule Musique

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