Artist / Track / Album / Label
1.; the Fall; I Feel Voxish; Totally Wired; Sanctuary
2.; Tocotronic; Ich hab geträumt, ich wäre Pizza essen mit Mark E. Smith; Various: Perverted by Mark E – A Tribute to the Fall; Zick Zack
3.; von Südenfed; Fledermaus Can’t Get It; Tromatic Reflexxions; Domino
4.; the Fall; Cruiser’s Creek; Live in Braunschweig; the Fall
5.; Pictish Trail; Who’s Coming In (Joe Goddard Remix); Who’s Coming In Remix Single; Fire Records
6.; Hot Chip; the Warning; the Warning; EMI
7.; 1954; Pleiade; A Part of Me; Project Mooncircle
8.; the Chordettes; Mr. Sandman; the Chordettes; Solid Records
9.; 1954; Blue Boy – feat. Loup Na; A Part of Me; Project Mooncircle
10.; 1954; Flowers of the Dead Man; A Part of Me; Project Mooncircle
11.; Raoul Vignal; Side By Side; the Silver Veil; Talitres
12.; Midlife; the Magnificent Moon; the Magnificent Moon; Research Records
13.; Jenny Wilson; Rapin; Rapin – Single; Gold Medal Recordings
14.; Jenny Wilson; Summertime – the Roughest Time; Love and Youth; V2
15.; Rhye; Waste; Blood; Caroline / Concord
16.; Rhye; Sinful; Blood; Caroline / Concord
17.; Milosh; You Make Me Feel; You Make Me Feel; Plug Research
18.; Solid Space; Destination Moon; Space Museum; In Phaze Records
19.; Solid Space; New Statue; Space Museum; In Phaze Records
20.; Solid Space; Please Don’t Fade Away; Space Museum; In Phaze Records
21.; the Legendary Pink Dots; Legacy; Brighter Now; In Phaze Records
22.; Jaguwar; Lunatic; Ringthing; Tapete
23.; My Bloody Valentine; She Found Now; M B V; My Bloody Valentine
24.; the Go! Team; Hey!; Semicircle; Memphis Industries
25.; Jaguwar; Night Out; Ringthing; Tapete
26..; Jaguwar; Gone; Ringthing; Tapete

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