Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. Vinyl Williams; Sanctuary Spells; Opal; Requiem Pour Un Twister
2. Vinyl Williams; Aphelion; Opal; Requiem Pour Un Twister
3. Vinyl Williams; Millenial Ballroom; Opal; Requiem Pour Un Twister
4. the Cradle; That Place Unique; Bag of Holding; NNA Tapes
5. Carpenters; Looking For Love; From the Top; A&M
6. the Cradle; Sweet Dreams; Bag of Holding; NNA Tapes
7. Tony Molina; Wrong Town; „Kill the Lights“; Slumberland
8. Tony Molina; Nothing I Can Say; „Kill the Lights“; Slumberland
9. Tierra Whack ; 4 Wings; Whack World ; UMG Recordings, Inc.
10. Good Gas; Good Gas (FKi 1st, MadeinTYO, UnoTheActivist); Good Gas (Vol. 1) EP; Mad Decent
11. Santigold; Wha’ You Feel Like; I Don’t Want: the Gold Fire Sessions; Downtown
12. Stiffed; Night Time Lovin’; Sex Sells; Cool Hunter
13. Santogold; Shove It; Santogold; Lizard King Records
14. New Optimism; Dr. My-Ho; Amazon to LeFrak; Phantom Limb
15. Cibo Matto; Beef Jerky; Viva La Woman!; Wea
16. Inc. Angel; No World; 4AD
17. Daniel Aged; Untld1; Daniel Aged; Quality Time Recordings
18. Linear John; Confessions in Blue; Double Parade; Agogo Records
19. 77:78; Love Said (Let’s Go); Jellies; Heavenly
20. Hookworms; Each Time We Pass; Microshift; Domino
21. Hookworms; Opener; Microshift; Domino
22. Klaus Johann Grobe; Discogedanken; Discogedanken – Single; Trouble In Mind
23. Klaus Johann Grobe; Regen Raus; Im Sinne der Zeit; Trouble In Mind
24. Kala Brisella; I’m Sorry; I’m Sorry – Single; Tapete
25. Gaika; Immigrant Sons; Basic Volume; Warp
26. Led Zeppelin; Immigrant Song; III; Atlantic
27. Linear John; A New Illusion; Double Parade; Agogo Records
28. Steve Hauschildt; Saccade (feat. Julianna Barwick); Dissolvi; Ghostly International
29. Julianna Barwick; Nebula; Will; Dead Oceans
30. Steve Hauschildt; Syncope (feat. Gabi); Dissolvi; Ghostly International
31. Ross From Friends; Project Cybersyn; Family Porträt; Brainfeeder

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