Nachtclub am 03. April 2020

1. Wilma Archer; Cheater – feat. Sudan Archives; A Western Circular; Domino
2. Wilma Archer; Last Sniff – feat. MF Doom; A Western Circular; Domino
3. Wilma Archer; Killing Crab; A Western Circular; Domino
4. Leikeli47; Money; Wash & Set; RCA
5. Vritra Burd; Shallow Grave; Burd; Bad Taste
6. Wilma Archer; The Boon – feat. Samuel Herring; A Western Circular; Domino
7. Billy Nomates; No; No – Single; Invada Records
8. Billy Nomates; Once In a Lifetime; bits. Billy Nomates
9. Beak; When We Fall; >>>; Invada
10. Beak; Brean Down; >>>; Invada
11. Yaeji; What We Drew; What We Drew 우리가 그려왔던; XL Recordings
12. Yaeji; When I Grow Up; What We Drew 우리가 그려왔던; XL Recordings
13. Yaeji; Money Can’t Buy – feat. Nappy Nina; What We Drew 우리가 그려왔던; XL Recordings
14. Yves Tumor; Gospel For A New Century; Heaven To A Tortured Mind; Warp
15. Yves Tumor; Kerosene; Heaven To A Tortured Mind; Warp
16. Peel Dream Magazine; Emotional Devotion Creator; Agitprop Alterna; Tough Love
17. Peel Dream Magazine; It’s My Body; Agitprop Alterna; Tough Love
18. Peel Dream Magazine; Do It; Agitprop Alterna; Tough Love
19. Stereolab; Rainbo Conversation; Dots And Loops; Elektra
20. Peel Dream Magazine; Permanent Moral Crisis; Agitprop Alterna; Tough Love
21. My Bloody Valentine; All I Need; …Isn’t Anything; Creation
22. Peel Dream Magazine; Qi Velocity; Modern Meta Physic; Slumberland
23. Broadcast; The Book Lovers; Work And Nonwork; Warp
24. The United States of America; Cloud Song; the United States Of America; Columbia
25. The United States of America; Coming Down; the United States Of America; Columbia
26. Drugdealer; Honey – feat. Weyes Blood; Raw Honey; Kemado
27. M.Ward; Heaven’s Nail and Hammer; Migration Stories; Anti
28. M.Ward; Outta My Head; Transfiguration Of Vincent; Bella Union
29. Everything Is Recorded; I Don’t Want This Feeling To Stop; Friday Forever; XL Recordings
30. Everything Is Recorded; That Sky; Friday Forever; XL Recordings

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