Nachtclub am 02. Dezember 2016

Artist / Track / Album / Label
1. AMyn; Insular feat. Far; Best Heard in Shadows EP; Apollo
2. Cuddle Magic; Trojan Horse; Trojan Horse – Single; Northern Spy
3. Joan As Police Woman & Benjamin Lazar Davis; Easy Money; Let It Be You; Reveal Records
4. Luke Temple; Estimated World; A Hand Through the Cellar Door; Secretly Canadian
5. Here We Go Magic; Made to be Old; A Different Ship; Secretly Canadian
6. Luke Temple; Smashing Glass; A Hand Through the Cellar Door; Secretly Canadian
7. Toy; Another Dimension; Clear Shot; Heavenly
8. Captain Beefheart; Clear Spot; Clear Spot; Reprise
9. Toy; Fast Silver; Clear Shot; Heavenly
10. Reckonwrong; The Passions Of Pez; Whities 009; Whities Records
11. King Krule; Border Line; 6 Feet Beneath the Moon; XL
12. AMyn; Side of Golden You; Best Heard in Shadows EP; Apollo
13. Soviet Soviet; Blend; Endless; Felte
14. Pia Burnette & Felix Kubin; Boats in the Bedroom – Radio Edit; Detached from all Objects; Gagarin Records
15. Pete Doherty; Birdcage; Hamburg Demonstrations; Clouds Hill
16. Froth; Contact ; Contact; Wichita
17. Peluché; Swim; Swim; RIP Records
18. Ian Sweet; Pink Marker; Shapeshifter; Hardly Art
19. Ian Sweet; #23; Shapeshifter; Hardly Art
20. Ian Sweet; Slime Time Live; Shapeshifter; Hardly Art
21. M.Rux; In the Hold feat. Richie Setford; In the Hold; YNFND
22. M.Rux vs. Nilsson; One; Edits & Cuts; M.Rux
23. Georgi Kay; Joga (M.Rux Edit); Joga – Crazy Junker 7”; M.Rux
24. AMyn; Technicolor; Best Heard in Shadows EP; Apollo
25. Kurl; Sacred Fire; Sacred Fire; Haunt

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